Taban Interdisciplinary Diabetes Clinic

    • Diabetes care and control, prevention and diagnosis, based on the latest protocols provided by the American Diabetes Association (ADA)
    • Comprising all of the related medical specialities and their practitioners
    • Cost efficiency in patients’ time, due to embodiment of all diabetes related medical care in one center
    • Financial cost reduction due to the elimination of idle medical actions
    • Diabetes care services under scholars observation

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To have a healthy society, where diabetic population is controlled and the least symptoms have affected diabetic patients.


To provide interdisciplinary diabetes services, with higher quality of care and reduced clinical and financial costs. Time saving diabetes care with education, periodic check-ups, counseling and referral to relevant medical services constructs the medical care that Taban’s mission is based on.

A Brief on Taban

Taban is an interdisciplinary diabetes service provider that enjoys the implementation of American Diabetes Association (ADA) protocols to control diabetes and prevent its symptoms to occur. Therefore the medical care at Taban does not limit to blood sugar testing and would involve further requirements in symptoms prevention and treatments. Availability of a diversity of medical services, related to diabetes care in a same place has caused this clinic to save patients’ time. Cardiology, neurology, dentistry, foot care, nephrology and ophthalmology are a considerable part of the addressed services. Taban also develops research, in order to provide state of the art diabetes care, as with other leading medical institutions worldwide.

Why choosing Taban Diabetes Clinic?

Interdisciplinary Diabetes Care

Interdisciplinary diabetes care is a distinction approach to control diabetes and prevent its symptoms. Although of periodic diabetes check up and counselling, a unique medical record is available for the collaboration of cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, nephrology, foot care, dentistry, radiology and laboratory.

Cost-efficiency in Time

All services in association with diabetes control and symptoms prevention, as well as treatments for the occurred symptoms are being provided in a same place. Patients are therefore enjoying cost efficiency in their time to receive any required medical care.

Competitive Quality of Care

A quality assurance reference to Taban diabetes services would be the implementation of the latest protocols for diabetes care that are provided by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Extensive research and development are moreover the other insurance to maintain the services quality, as well as Patient’s continuous monitoring and education.

Financial Cost Reduction

Interdisciplinary services at Taban are financially cost-effective due to the fixed pricing of diabetes care packages. This packages include all the required medical care to control diabetes and prevent its symptoms without any further costs.

Periodic Check-ups

Our periodic check-up service, conducts our smart approach to diabetes monitoring. Although of patients’ blood sugar, the A1C is periodically observed. Kidneys and liver well being are also studied on peripheral bass. Therefore, a dedicated diabetes control plan is constructed for any patient, which is available on electronic medical record (EMR) for interdisciplinary care. As with blood monitoring, clinical reviews are included to ensure the health of the organs that are under criticism of diabetes symptoms, such as cardio-vascular system, eyes, neuro-system and feet.

Diabetes Counselling

We are probably guilty of not considering that the healthy lifestyle of a diabetic patient is not unique to their diabetes situation, weigh, family history, age and living limitations. General recommendations are not therefore realized to be correct for every patient’s situation to control their diabetes in a same healthy lifestyle. Hence, diabetic patients need to have consultants to help them control their diabetes, prevent its symptoms and treat any upcoming one. Although based on their addressed living factors associated with their diabetes and living limitations, a unique plan for nutrition, sport and self-monitoring, can be conducted through our diabetes counseling service.

Diabetes Education

We, at Taban do believe that patients, themselves are the strongest force to control their diabetes and prevent its symptoms. So, with respect to this opinion, it is necessary for them to be enough educated in knowing diabetes and its risk margins. Education can be the most suitable approach for patients to know more of their condition, the way it acts and the issues it raises. Therefore, to make them effective self-monitoring specialists and healthy life managers, Taban provides simple, however rich education on diabetes to increase their under care patients knowledge of dealing with this health condition.


Diabetes not only increases the blood sugar, however leaves negative impacts on cardio-vascular system, eyes, neuro system, dental health, kidneys, liver and feet, which are known as its symptoms. Therefore other medical specialties such as cardiology, neurology, dentistry, endocrinology, nephrology and ophthalmology are involved with a diabetic patient’s medical care. In occasions that diabetes’ symptoms are occurred, patients need to be referred to the relevant medical specialist with a unique medical record, in order to receive the required treatments. This referral policy is likewise one of the most important elements of interdisciplinary care that is highly respected in Taban’s diabetes care protocols.

Research and Development

We believe that the maintenance of our care quality depends on how sovereign we are on diabetes. An approach for this sovereignty to be maintained is be up to date with world’s latest gaining on diabetes control and symptom prevention. Taban is therefore conducting research and development for better quality of care that reduces clinical costs for patients and leads them to a healthier lifestyle. Our research and development also covers epidemiologic studies on diabetes to help the society to eliminate the increased rate of diabetes. Advanced studies are also conducted on our patients’ data, with respect to their medical record privacy though, in order to be able to provide them with a more quality service to control diabetes and prevent its symptoms. Like any other state of the art medical institution, Taban steps forward for novel solutions in diabetes care. The quality of our research is ensured by the support of our scholars and analysts.

We care, Lets care!

Clinic’s Address

No. 100, Derakhti Ave., Dadman Blvd., Shahrak-e-Qarb, Tehran, IRAN

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